• Il y a longtemps que notre pays est beau mais rude.

       --Newspaper editor Olivier Séguret, 25 January 2012

    The USA are entirely the creation of the accursed race, the French.

       --Evelyn Waugh (1903-1966), writing to 旋风加速器app下载苹果版, 22 May 1957


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  • Latest person being sued in France for saying what he/she thinks

    The mayor of Calais is suing Marine Le Pen of the Front National for saying "repeatedly" that citizens in Calais need a pass issued by the mayor to get to their own homes (because of the number of migrants in the town). In fact, the passes are issued by the police prefecture.


  • "À nous de vous faire préférer le train!"
    "Voyager autrement"
    "Avec le SNCF, tout est possible"
      --Former ad slogans of the SNCF (French national trains), each in turn quickly dropped


  • ouistiti

    (literally: 手机翻国外网站教程)
    Etymology: onomatopoeia from the sound a marmoset makes. Actual meaning: this is what you say in France when you want people to smile for the camera.

    旋风vp(永久免费) réalisée par le fabricant d’appareils photo Nikon, le « ouistiti » utilisé en France au moment de se faire prendre en photo est le petit mot le plus efficace pour s’assurer un joli sourire.


  • 手机翻国外网站教程

    First strike in 43 years at an aeronautics company in Toulouse, Latécoère

    Public sector

    The SNCF (toujours eux), regional train employees in the Lyons area 旋风vp(永久免费) from the 17th-21st December
    Also yet another strike by Sud-Rail, a particularly truculent SNCF union in the south of France, this time five days in January: 6,7, 21, 22 and 23. "We have no choice." Right.

    Marseilles trams on strike until February


  • Paris 2004 > 2007
  • Los Angeles 2007-2009
  • Amsterdam > Paris 2010


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  • Expatica's list of Australian & New Zealanders' groups & events in Paris
  • Australians in Paris
  • Expatica's list of Irish groups & events in France
  • American cheerleading for Paris teens
  • Sports & fitness in Paris, from TimeOut
  • Gaelic games in Paris: Irish football, hurling, and camogie
    Their shirts are cool
  • Council for the English-Speaking Community
    has a list of schools, associations and organizations
  • British and Commonwealth Women's Association
  • Royal Scottish Country Dance Society
    Rock? no, reel

Go back to school in Paris!

  • Irish College in Paris
    The Irish College is hundreds of years old and offers music, drama, lectures, and courses to Parisians in English. You can learn Irish here too.
  • Open University (U.K.), distance learning in English
  • Paris Voice: list of Paris courses in English

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Old letters from rue Rude

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  • The (lack of) precision of the French language
  • Fear in the night
  • That sinister word social
  • Please believe, Madame, in the assurance of my distinguished sentiments
  • Untranslatable words
  • Diary vs Blog
  • My favorite European signs
  • 旋风app官网
  • L'Ambassadrice

Articles translated from French and German

  • Christopher Tolkien gives his first interview in forty years
  • French teacher down on Harvard
  • Conseil Constitutionnel judge reports money-laundering by Balladur
  • Commenter Yabreizh on finding that Paris CDG airport has been voted the worst in the world
  • Even Libération criticizes Paris Mayor Delanoë's traffic policies
  • Jacques Chirac's Love Life
  • How England gave the H-bomb to France
  • Slice of life: German seniors discuss Halloween online
  • Plain-clothes controllers: you have been warned!
  • Jean-Paul Brighelli: The schools are creating barbarians

Photo Albums

  • Inauguration night on a street in Santa Monica, California
  • 手机翻国外网站教程
    Europe Today
  • 旋风加速器官网链接
    Everywhere else
  • Watermill, Bayeux, Normandy
    France outside Paris
  • Grave at Inis Oirr/Inisheer, Aran Isles, Ireland
    Great Britain and Ireland
  • AirFrancePostc
  • Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles
    United States and Canada
  • 旋风加速器官网链接
    Visiting the Past


  • Reggie Darling
  • Love and knuckles
  • Criggo
    Typos and weird newspaper stuff from all over
  • The "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks
  • Failblog
  • 旋风加速器官网链接
  • Texts from last night
    Often NSFW
  • People of Walmart
    Funny. But also sad.
  • The Sartorialist
  • Shit my dad says

Political commentary

  • Charlie Pierce's Politics blog for Esquire magazine
  • The Politics Blog
  • We are the 53 percent
  • 手机翻国外网站教程
  • The Borowitz Report
  • Daniel Pipes
  • Political humor
  • Rue 89
  • Rue89 in English = Street89
  • Glenn Beck
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  • Sarah Palin's Facebook page (real)
  • Andrew Sullivan's The Daily Dish
  • "Barack Obama's Facebook Feed"
  • Huffington Post
  • The Blog of Nicolas Sarkozy's party, the UMP
  • London Times, Charles Bremner
  • Ségolène Royal
  • Gaza Mom
  • Landover Baptist: Where the Worthwhile Worship
  • The Dissident Frogman
  • Daily Kos
  • Comedy Central: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (watch videos!)
  • Tom Tomorrow's Blog
  • Doonesbury
  • David's Medienkritik
  • Oxblog
  • 旋风vp(永久免费)
  • 旋风加速器官网链接
  • Opinions You Should Have

Science can be weird

  • The Hubble Space Telescope
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  • 旋风加速器官网链接
  • Flying Spaghetti Monster meets Creationism
  • Living the Scientific Life (or Scientist, Interrupted)
  • Annals of improbable research

I blog, EU blog, oui all blogue

  • The Earth Beneath Her Feet
  • Meanwhile here in France
  • Dispatches from France
  • Anchored nomad
  • How to learn Swedish in 1000 difficult lessons
  • Why travel to France?
  • Heisse Scheisse
  • Citizen of the Month
  • Saudi Jeans
  • Miss Doxie
  • In Actual Fact
  • Pestiside
  • Let's have it!
  • From the Rock [Libya]
  • Egyptian Sandmonkey
  • Hot Points [blog of Godaddy founder Bob Parsons]
  • Fistful of Euros
  • Helmintholog
  • A Pretty How Town
  • From My Swiss Window
  • Mad Minerva
  • French-Word-a-Day
  • Hillbilly Savants
  • Tongue in Cheek
  • 10, rue de la Charme
  • Ivygate
  • 旋风加速器官网链接
  • Metamorphosism
  • 旋风加速器免费加速器app下载
  • Nag on the Lake
  • C'est la folie
  • Chez Loulou
  • The Adventures of Notorious Ph.D., Girl Scholar
  • To Delight and to Instruct
  • Historiann
  • Saudi Woman
  • God save Paddy (and Maggie)
  • Les Piles intermédiaires

Sedulia's Sites

  • Consolatio
  • Sedulia's Translations
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  • In Paris, the purest virtue is the object of the filthiest slander.

      –小双加速器下载_小双加速器app安卓版下载 官方v4.3 - pk游戏网:2021-5-26 · 小双加速器是一款加速器软件,用户在玩海外手游时,需要稳定的网络时需要用到加速器,加速器支持用户海外游戏,更支持多节点选择,基于Shadowsocks内核制作,让用户能体验到更稳定简单易用的加速器,注册账号会送1GB流量,更可以全平台通用账号。Scènes de la vie privée

    À Paris, la vertu la plus pure est l'objet des plus sales calomnies.

Le petit aperçu d'Ailleurs

  • Annual Geminids meteor shower (shooting stars!) coming 旋风vp(永久免费), if it's not too cloudy out at night.

News about France in English

Nice to Rude

  • 旋风vp(永久免费)
  • InterNations Top Expat Blog
  • Expat Focus Recommended Website
  • easyJet Holidays Paris City Break Expert

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  • Americans in Paris: is this you?
  • "Are you single?"
  • American Halloween, French prices
  • The private villa
  • Cop in a box
  • A French funeral
  • Don't call me garce!
  • Swiss time vs Moroccan time

In Paris, alone, need help?

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  • 旋风vp(永久免费) on Anomalies of Paris life: loving Bay Ahsh Vay (BHV)
  • Sedulia on On Patrick O'Brian and Fraudulent Identities
  • RTL on 泡泡加速器_吃鸡加速器_网游加速器 -「泡泡加速器 ...:2021-5-7 · 泡泡加速器是绝地求生加速器/ 吃鸡加速器,是专业为外服网游设计的网游加速器。泡泡加速器采用云智能加速技术,傻瓜式优化压榨电脑性能,按小时计费,方便快捷,畅玩到爽!登陆官网下载即可 ...
  • 旋风app官网 on The American Hospital in Paris
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  • David V. on On Patrick O'Brian and Fraudulent Identities
  • Sedulia on Anomalies of French life: the narrow-minded employer
  • 手机翻国外网站教程 on Anomalies of French life: the narrow-minded employer
  • SHARON PERRY on World War II in Paris: the Hotel Meurice
  • Ted Walker on Frenchy's cafe, Tin Cup, Colorado


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  • A Taste of Garlic
    "Because we all like reading blogs about life in France"

    Keith Eckstein also has a new book review site, Books About France

  • Expat France
    Interviews with expat bloggers in France
  • 手机如何上外网 最新方法
    Features excerpts from many Paris expats' blogs
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Paris France in English

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  • Maitresse, now Lauren Elkin
    One of my faves
  • Petite Anglaise
  • Frenchless in France
  • Frogsmoke
  • La Coquette
  • La Fleur de Paris
  • Paris Parfait
  • Salut! [Colin Randall, formerly of the U.K. Telegraph]
  • Ms Glaze's Pommes d'Amour
    A game American breaks the ice for women chefs at a three-star French restaurant. Update 2010: She's moved to San Francisco, but the archives are well worth reading.
  • Eye Prefer Paris
  • Polly-vous français?
  • I want to go to Paris
    Blog of a former model from an international background
  • Quelle horreur!
  • Dents de lait
  • C'est la me
  • David Lebovitz
    American gourmet chef in Paris
  • Badaude
  • Diary of an Adult Runaway
  • 旋风加速器app下载苹果版
  • No Place Like It
  • 旋风加速器免费加速器app下载
  • Ask a Frenchman!
  • 旋风加速器免费加速器app下载
  • LaFleur de Paris
  • An Alien Parisienne
  • La Mom
  • Foreign Parts
  • 手机翻国外网站教程
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  • I Heart Paris
  • Beth Arnold
  • Just Another American in Paris
  • Totally Frenched Out [formerly Sam de Bretagne]
  • Foreign Parts
  • Maternal Dementia
  • Katia & Kyliemac
    An Australian and a Midwesterner compare notes on Paris
  • An American Mom in Paris
  • Paris readers and writers: info
  • Laurel Zuckerman's Paris weblog
  • Parisian Fields
  • The Roux, the Rue and the Rude
    She half-stole my name, no doubt without realizing it, but it's still a cute blog!
  • Easy Hiker (from Paris!)
  • The Observing Participant
    A very charming girl posts her Youtube videos and links
  • Paris on Demand
    A French Parisian gives you inside tips on Paris
  • Girls' Guide to Paris
    A website and blogs with lots of practical info, good advice, restaurant reviews, and shopping
  • Invisible Paris
    An excellent blog about "the parts of Paris that would be refused entry into the ville musée if they tried to get in today"
  • Man and Woman in Paris
    A non-francophile New Yorker in Paris
  • 手机如何上外网 最新方法
    This blogger doesn't give herself enough credit but she'll figure out she's worth it (elle le vaut!)!
  • The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower
  • 旋风app官网
  • Conjugating Irregular Verbs
  • Entrée to Black Paris
    Great new blog. I just wish she didn't have ™ in her title-- looks a bit paranoid
  • Tales from the chambre de bonne
  • An Italian in Paris
  • God I love Paris
  • Americans in France
    Advice and links
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  • We're {au} courant
    Textile-loving young expat in Paris
  • Paris Update
    Great site with fun stories and up-to-date info on restaurants, movies, shopping and more
  • 旋风加速器免费加速器app下载
    Glamorous Scottish-Euro Imogen Roy lives the life we all wish we had!
  • Ehr-EEN ZaRA
    Erin has a very good section on interning in France here: http://ecinparis.blogspot.com/2012/02/interning-in-france.html
  • Prêt à voyager
    Very fun blog from a designer includes popular "Unglamorous Paris" posts
  • Survive France
    An online social network for expats in France
  • Elaine Sciolino in Paris
    Of the N.Y. Times (or as it prefers to be known, The N.Y. Times) and writer of La Seduction: How the French Play the Game of Life
  • Le Franco Phoney
    A long-term Australian expat in a French ski resort. I can't believe it took me so long to discover this one.
  • The Compleat Anglo
    I have to like a blog that is named The Compleat Anglo. An Englishman married to his Madame, in the Basque country
  • Flipflop France
    23-year-old Sasha, an Oregonian from Forks (town made famous by the Twilight vampire saga), has settled down in France's second city, Lyons. [No that isn't a mistake. I spell it the old-fashioned English way.]
  • 旋风app官网
    A Chinese-American in the City of Lights.
  • Magic Lantern Show
    Great Paris photo blog
  • Southern Fried French
    A Charleston girl in a medieval castle
  • Comme une française
    Written in English by a Frenchwoman
  • Conjugating Irregular Verbs
    "letters from my dining table in the south of france"
  • Sara in Le Petit Village
  • Femme au Foyer
    A Latvian-American living in central France
  • Chez Loulou
    "a taste of life in France"
  • Becoming Madame
  • Carnet Atlantique
    A "fresh, uncommon, original perspective on events in the United States... France and occasionally the other 198 countries in the world."
  • Paris Journal
    An American family here in Paris for a sabbatical year.

Paris en photo

  • Hello Paris
  • Paris Daily Photo
  • "Twenty awesome Paris photoblogs"
  • Gerard Bloncourt
    "Images to tell of a time that is past"
  • 20,000 old postcards and other Paris images
    "The photo library of young Paris"
  • 旋风加速器免费加速器app下载
    15,000 photos of old Paris
  • La Panse de l'Ours (the bear's belly)
    In French
  • Le piéton de Charonne (The pedestrian of Charonne)
    "Photos from the 11th arrondissement of Paris and elsewhere" --in French
  • Paris Cool
    Beautiful photo-blog by two professional photographers. They each have their own blog as well (La Panse de l'Ours and Le Pieton de Charonne). In French

How they see U.S.

  • Recollections of a Vagabonde
  • French Girl in Seattle
  • C'est pas ma faute, je suis franco-américaine
  • L.A. Frog
  • Superfrenchie
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  • New York Coste
  • French morning in New York


  • 坚果nuts加速器官网 - 好看123:2021-6-14 · 9.坚果加速器破解版nuts坚果加速器破解版永久免费app下载v501 点击前往 网站介绍:2021年11月21日 - 坚果加速器破解版app是一款已经破解了的加速器软件,所有资源都是免费为大家提供的。
  • Dr. JéJé visits Paris
  • Huffington Post in French
  • Paris vs NYC
  • Garance Doré
  • Paris le nez en l'air (Paris looking up)
  • De bric et de blog
  • Ask an American!
  • Bondy Blog
  • Deedee
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